1762 Deli

Posted on Jan 29, 2013 in Blog

Today we visited 1762 Deli at Downtown Jebel Ali to celebrate Janet of House of Colour‘s birthday. This is the second time we have converged there for such an occasion, the last time being back in October when we celebrated my 40th.

The deli is owned by the lovely husband and wife team, Manar and Suzi who also own Appetite, a thriving outside catering business and their ethosĀ is simple, “It’s all about the food!”. Their delicious food and warm, friendly welcome is obviously a recipe for success as a steady stream of customers continued to pour in from the many nearby offices throughout our lunch.

As there was a group of us, we opted for a selection of wraps and salads which were all beautifully presented. I shall let the pictures do the talking:

Tofu, rice, sesame oriental salad

Pumpkin, broccoli and feta quiche

Cajun chicken and pepper ciabatta

Pastrami and cheese on rye

The main reason we chose 1762 Deli – the rosemary potato wedges!

The finale. Chocolate overload birthday cake!

All that remains, is to say a massive thank you to Jonquil and all the wonderful staff who looked after us so well today. We will be back again soon!


  1. Looks amazing! And I so remember your lovely birthday party! I was thinking of getting them to do the snacks for my Vision Key Event this weekend but just realised they aren’t open at weekends! Sob :-(

    • Hi Susan, although 1762 specializes in delicious weekday breakfast and lunch, our catering menu is available 7 days a week!! Hope we get to work with you in the near future with your upcoming events :)

      • Thanks for that. I will definitely be in touch :-)

  2. I’ve never heard of this restaurant before but those rosemary potato wedges look so delicious!

  3. Fantastic write up and photos Princess :-) it was truly an amazing feast and great to meet up with you all. Will definitely return there.

    • Thanks Debbie. The feeling is mutual. It was a lovely lunch with a lovely group of ladies :)