Toffee Princess is a Dubai based business specialising in handmade luxury tablet style fudge in just about every flavour you can imagine. You can buy packs, gift boxes or beautiful favours designed especially for you to add a personal touch to your special occasion.

Our toffee and fudge is made from a four generation old recipe and is also known as Scottish tablet. It has a crumbly melt in the mouth texture and is delicious served with coffee after dinner or just as a special treat.

We have several regular flavours to choose from and we usually bring at least 5 of these with us to market days.  Additionally, we add featured flavours from time to time and if they prove to be popular we add them to the regulars. We also have seasonal flavours which we create for specific holidays and festivals.


Toffee Princess Suzanne McDonald

Photo courtesy of Terhi Karppinen Photography

“Scottish tablet is known to many in the North East of Scotland as toffee even though it’s not really the same as the toffee most people know. My Auntie Kathleen has long been known in our family as the Toffee Queen because of the delicious tablet she makes. In 2003 I asked her to teach me how to make her famous tablet so I could bring it to Dubai. Once I had learned the ropes, I was quickly dubbed the Toffee Princess by the Toffee Queen herself. Thus Toffee Princess the company was born.” Suzanne McDonald, Creator & Owner of Toffee Princess